The Wing


Let your mind take flight with the Wing Collection. We channel the aero dynamism, sleekness and the precise technical skill involved in creating supersonic jets in this collection.

The Wing 1

This formal study table unit is inspired by the clean, aerodynamic lines of modern aviation, and works to create the illusion of weightlessness and partial suspension in mid-air. The sharp angles and emphasized chamfers lend a dynamic and adventurous feeling to the previously solid and static interpretations of the table.

The Rick-Rack

The Rick-Rack is a mid-sized shelving unit, which is designed along the same principles as the Wing 2 and Wing 2 tables. The highlight is the illusion of an imbalanced twist in the center of the structure, that creates shelves of varying depths, with the solid wood border emphasizing the illusion. This contemporary shelving unit creates a sense of fun and interest.

The Wing 2

A more minimal iteration of the Wing 1 study table. Also inspired by aerodynamics and aviation, this table comprises only two panels and one defined acute angle, completely embracing minimalism. The chamfers that follow the lines of the form enhance the clean and weightless aesthetic of the table. A wall mounting detail has been added to support the desk.

The Wing Chair

The foldable chair is a familiar yet timeless staple in India and has taken many forms over the years. The Wing Chair draws on this heritage and plays with wood and metal for its structure, but uses a woven cane to create the seating, a nod to its roots. The lightness in tone and material mirrors the other pieces of the Wing Collection, making it a chic addition to any room and a contemporary classic.

Kreo Crockery Unit

Kreo Crockery Unit

Kreo is a classic cosmopolitan crockery unit. It consists of a dual storage system that works purely based on the ease of functionality and includes a working platform. Kreo is one of a kind piece that allows you to store and display your crockery in style.