The Stratis


Stratis collection is a collection crafted with utmost dedication and care. It ensures maximum comfort to its users with high functionality. Every piece of furniture has been made considering ergonomics in its design which which is both comfortable and beautiful.

The Scoot

This compact little stool is inspired directly by geometry’s new shape - the scutoid - a form found in nature that allows for efficient and tight packing together, as in cell forms. With multiple planes aligned with each other, the Scoot’s defining elements are the missing edges that are characteristic of its geometric inspiration.

The Air Shelf

Inspired by the art of Pier Mondrian, the Air Shelf is an assemblage of cubes and cuboids in a balanced and rhythmic manner. Functionally, the open shelves allow access from both sides, while also allowing for hidden spaces to store objects out of sight. It is also available with a low unit with three drawers for additional storage space.

The Cornula

The Cornula has been crafted to project majesty, with bold features such as the armrests and the arched metal legs. The curved seat and backrest have been crafted for optimum comfort and ease of use. The combination of wood and metal highlights contrast in form, while creating a solid stable structure.

The Stratis

‘Laidback’ is another term for this chair and you could see that Stratis speaks for itself. The name Stratis means layers in Latin, and in this context, it reflects the crossings binding the two curves of the wood together. With solid wood fused structure, spending some time on this easy chair would definitely be worth the experience, leaving you relaxed and peaceful.