The Obtuse


Inspired by the symmetry of shapes and forms both imagined and discovered in nature, the Obtuse Collection has strong lines and an assertive presence. Each of these pieces stand out with the strength of their simplicity and structural repertoire.

The Pick

A beechwood tabletop with an exaggerated grain pattern tapered oak wood legs and developed truncated cone metal bracket, the Pick table is simple but an effective structural solution in a geometrically sound form.

The Obtuse

This side stand has a simple, solid design that evokes the square. The sharp features and angles of the piece accentuate the simplicity of the lines and form. As the name indicates, Obtuse highlights a single angle mirrored on both sides, presenting a beautiful symmetry, while also providing stability.

The Pie

The Pie Stool takes inspiration quite literally from the mathematical figure ‘pi’, a rule of circles. The curves of the seat follow the radius of the same circle, making the design of the Pie Stool quite singular. As with all our pieces, the form is married with function, and the low seating has been designed for optimal ergonomic comfort.