The Mensa


Mensa is Latin for ‘table’ and the bold geometric designs in this collection that are defined by flat surfaces are representative of this. The Mensa collection is unassuming in its simplicity and clarity but is sure to be a stand out in any dining area.

The Relica

A contemporary take on the age-old easy chair reinterpreted through the lens of geometrical minimalism. The two right angles fused together to form the structure that holds the chair together. This design originated from a single line drawing and reflects smart use of jigs and templates to create curves and tangents, and effective use of machines.

The Neru

Neru is a luxuriously spaced bed, with close proximity to the ground highlighting the elements of Japanese furniture design. This low low bed is made of solid wooden profiles, with chambers and curves making it majestic despite its slender form.

The Mensa

The central piece of this collection, this six-seater dining table is Italian inspired in its look and feel, except that it is constructed completely from wood. It is notable for its triangular legs that are tapered and angled dramatically, drawing focus to the tabletop.

The Kagami

The Kagami dresser displays a style that is elegant in form and functional in design. Kagami is the Japanese term for the mirror and so is the design typology. It has a storage unit that rests on the crossings of the frames on either side, making it look like it is afloat. One of the major attractions of the design is the slender mirror.

The Hive

Hive, as the name suggests, is inspired by the hexagonal honeycomb construction by the skilled worker-bees. The form explores the shape of a pyramid with a gentle play of curves to make the skeleton. It is a versatile lighting piece that is geometrically constructed out of four pieces of solid wood. The clean lines are finished with cane to add an artistic touch.

The Chai Table

The Chai table highlights the stark simplicity of the Mensa collection, which highlights and draws focus to the smooth horizontal surface of the table. Stripping away the design to its very core, it is an elegant and unobtrusive addition to any living or dining space

The Round Cube

This elegant and compact stool can never be out of place! It is formed by a geometrically perfect cylinder topped with a woven cane seat. The cylindrical base was created using curved wooden slats in a brick pattern, that forms a subtle motif. The woven cane for the seat is a nod to traditional Indian furniture, blended perfectly with the minimalist clean design language

The Stolica

The Stolica chair plays off the angles of Mensa table, with its tapered legs, neatly curved seat and angled backrest. It's simplicity and slender lines are derived by three main elements of this piece: the tapered legs, curved seat and the uniquely angled backrest, which lends to it an air of sophistication while maintaining comfort.

Zo Coffee Table

Zo Coffee Table

Zo is a classic model of a side table that hasn’t lost its charm over the years. The design is simple and effective for a side table. Zo being tiny and light weight can be moved around easily anywhere in your home as per your convenience. If you are into minimalistic design, then this one's for you!