The Lucerna


Lucerna highlights the beauty of the curve, reflected in the form and structure of each piece inspired by symmetry and harmony of the world around us – ranging from the mathematical formula for pi to ionic pillars in Greek architecture as well as the weightlessness and brightness of Bali and tropical elements.

The Lucerna

Inspired by the flutes of Ionic pillars in Greek architecture, infused with design elements from architecture in Bali, this eye-catching lighting accent has a contemporary, elegant yet simple design. Created by assembling tapered strips of beech with uniform gaps that exaggerate its verticality, bluetooth operated lighting is added to ensure unsightly wiring does not mar the design.

The Crab

The Crab is a floor standing credenza designed to be placed effortlessly in a 21st century living room. It doubles up as a TV unit and outdoor seating made of solid oakwood, with gaps and cuts design to add a sense of modern-brutalism to the unit.

The Louvre

Louvre is a multifunctional bar unit that is artsy, made of white oak, minimal in design yet very highly functional. The fluted design stands tall whilst playing with solids and voids to create a harmony that defines the space around it.

The Shad

This bench is designed to be the perfect statement piece for a garden or patio, with its wide body and solid structure. The structured cube grid inspired shape is pleasingly geometric, giving the impression of an elevated park bench. The seat is a chamfered depression, leaving space for a cushion.