The Bratus


Reflecting a close connection to nature and representing the beauty of nature’s contradictions: the rough edges of wood with precise, sleek measurements and forms created by man, the Bratus brings together a medley of these apparent opposites creating a singular collection that provides a glimpse of the wild indoors.

The Trigono

The Trigono planter stand was created through a seamless blending of geometric shapes with joinery techniques to create a two-level stand. Using carefully calculated angles and dimensions, the piece was created with solid stability of the structure.

The Arbor

A striking and luxurious table in any seating area, this is the perfect platform to showcase knick-knacks or a statement sculptural piece, but can also hold its own as the center of attention completely unadorned in and of itself.

The Bratus Sofa

A solid live edge 4-seater with a cushioned mid-back support, ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, yet retaining a rustic and nature-hewn aesthetic. The seating area has a slight angle to allow for a comfortable seating posture on the hardwood surface.

Robbie Sofa

Robbie Sofa

The Robbie Sofa features a solid wood structure with an ergonomically shaped backrest for exceptional back support. Its grey upholstery beautifully contrasts the warm wood tones, creating an elegant and sophisticated piece.

Robbie Chair

Robbie Chair

The Robbie Chair complements the Bratus bench with its angled backrest and slender curved stainless steel legs, showcasing ergonomic design and style.