Sustainably Sourced Solid Wood Built Entirely By Hand!

wood and metal

When the toys were first conceptualized by an old carpenter during World War II, they were not intended for that purpose. A struggling carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen was finding it difficult to find enough wood to build furniture during Denmark’s recession of the 30’s, and instead diverted his attention to building small toys. “The wood was good for furniture, sturdy, strong, natural and foraged from old trees and driftwood, so why couldn’t it be good for children?”, he thought! 

Thus while the whole world was fighting it out in the trenches, there was this man making little toys, doing what many weren’t thinking of, putting a smile on the faces of little ones. 

Some of LEGO’s first products included toy trains, automobiles, and a wooden duck on wheels that quacked when pulled.

Lego toys have moved on from the wooden play materials of old, but what the brand began with is a concept that still stands today. Trees and solid wood sought sustainably from the the environment are the safest, gentlest material to be converted into furniture and interiors. 

At Wood & Metal every piece of wood, every scrap of solid wood is used in the construction, from frames to joinery, furniture pieces to bespoke interiors. Our designers are continuously redefining and rethinking furniture designs in modern contemporary silhouettes. Not only do we use the right kind of solid wood, utilize their properties to make the perfect furniture and interiors, but also see what form or structure can help utilize them the best. Working with skilled artisans and carpenters, we’re constantly pushing boundaries in making furniture better, leaner, more aesthetic, showcasing the wood’s natural grain. 

Our work redefines luxury living . We believe that sustainable solid wood is the way forward in contemporary living.

Connect with us for customised luxury furniture pieces in solid wood and make the environment you and your family live in better.