6 Critical Design Principles That Make All The Difference To Interior Design

Wood and Metal Dining Table and Chair set

At the little age of 3 she was found weird and abnormal. Her mother took her to all kinds of doctors who advised she be put in an institution for her bizarre behaviors. However her parents refused and dug deeper. What was found were significant sensory issues and ‘at the time’ rarely diagnosed autism. Despite all her shortcomings she excelled in animal behavioral science and became an activist for autism-rights.

Extremely overwhelmed by stimuli, she found she couldn’t fit in with the world and to make it easier for her, designed the ‘Pressure Machine’. Besides applying continuous pressure to her body to calm her down, the machine minimized her anxiety and relaxed her. Creating something for her comfort changed renowned scientist Temple Grandin’s life and productivity forever. 

The furniture we surround ourselves with isn’t meant for all. It is designed using function and aesthetics but DOES NOT include many other principles that enhance comfort, ergonomics and better mental health. 

The design principles used by Wood & Metal below bring together the eye and hand to work with thought and action, in creating a piece that fulfills its intended purpose. 

  • Balance: Structural and Visual, ensuring symmetry & asymmetry. Ability to withstand force and gravity, momentum and structure
  • Continuity, Unity, and Variety: Bringing together sums of the parts of a table for example into a well defined functional whole
  • Dynamism and Stasis: The rocking chair that requires a particular weight to move and yet doesn’t topple over
  • Juxtaposition: The merging of different materials – rosewood and brass, marble and oak that complement each other
  • Rhythm and Pattern: The repetitive traditional elements in interiors, their purpose and how they complement the entire space
  • Scale and Proportion: Perhaps the most important. There is complexity and craftsmanship in details and controlled chaos in the large forms 

Interiors and furniture design have to come together, work for the people living within the space to ensure harmony and balance. Our artisans use traditional techniques mastered over decades and work with furniture designers to merge form and function to reproduce every piece

Connect with us for your turnkey home interior projects and to customize bespoke furniture using solid wood and various materials. Choose your designs, we’ll work with the science and functionality of your projects.