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Oliver Knights specializes in offering a complete bespoke package in architectural hardware design. We love nothing more than bringing designer’s ideas to life, creating superior aerospace quality hardware to suit building functional needs and aesthetics. Oliver Knights can bring designs to life from as little as a sketch combining the latest state of the art CNC Machinery and old school manufacturing techniques.

Daniel Oxford Cabinetry are specialists in manufacturing outstanding British Manufactured Cabinetry Hardware. Their collection is manufactured from the highest grade solid brass using our advanced CNC Machinery in their workshop in Birmingham, UK. Their entire collection is manufactured and hand finished to our clients specification.

Valli & Valli, a leading Italian manufacturer of designer handles, offers a wide selection of handles and door accessories. With a heritage spanning over 80 years, the Valli & Valli name has established itself as a market leader and a brand synonymous with world leading architects and inspirational cutting edge design.

Fusital came from Carlo Edoardo Valli, the far-sighted intuition of giving real life to the handle. Dealing with “artistic handles” for doors and windows, the company is associated with top design and international architecture aesthetics relying on good quality materials, functionality, ergonomic shapes and exceptional finishes.